Cornerstone Medical & Technology Finance (CMTF) was founded in August 2005 as a small leasing company that would cater to the needs of the customer, our clients, our vendor partners as well as our funding partners.

Our Customers --- We attempt to answer all telephone calls by the 3rd ring and provide all customers with a live person to discuss their potential or existing transaction. We provide them with the best rates, terms and conditions of any small leasing company. We are proud that we received and issued to our customers an approval ratio of over 95% in 2014.

Our Clients --- We consider previous customers that have completed a transaction and in most cases, several transactions over a number of years, our clients. Over 50% of all transactions in 2014 were from repeat customers who came back because of our responsiveness to their needs and our ability to address their wants, desires and concerns.

Vendor Partners --- Our relationship with our vendor partners is the CORNERSTONE of our business and we are proud of the relationships that we have developed. A major thank you goes to our first vendor partners, INTEGRA GROUP and CRITERIAN MARKETING, who we have maintained vendor relationship with for 10 years and the many others that have followed. We offer our vendor partners something that we feel is unique in the medical equipment leasing market place

  • A request for a quote returned to them within 1-2 hours
  • An approval on a transaction under $100,000.00 within 2-4 hours
  • An approval on larger transactions above $200,000.00 in 24 – 48 hours with a firm credit decision
  • A specific vendor program tailored to the exact needs of each vendor partner
  • 50% prefunding on over 90% of all of our transactions. The balance is paid on delivery and acceptance
  • ACH/ wire of their funds when possible
  • Over 20 active funding sources that gives our vendor partners the greatest opportunity for a credit approval on any type of customer regardless of the credit challenges that the customer may face

Funding Partners --- This Includes large national banks, regional banks, local banks, Wall Street firms and, larger leasing companies to mention a few.

Suzanne Davis, as one of the original founders of the company who has worked to develop CORNERSTONE into a company that caters to the needs of her clientele and funding partners. Furthermore, Suzanne’s goal is to review and evaluate every transaction that comes in to CORNERSTONE and to personally determine the credit worthiness of each of the transactions so that it is submitted to the proper funding partner that will allow the transaction the best opportunity for approval. She is extremely proud to be considered an intermediary and to present so many funding partners to enhance the credit approval process for CORNERSTONE. Suzanne is honored to be recognized as the President and CEO of one of a very few 100% certified women owned business in the USA. Her goal is to continue to increase the company’s sales effort in the coming years.

As President & CEO of CORNERSTONE my goal has been to assemble the best leasing team to insure the success and the continual growth of our company. Every day I come in to work I find it both a thrill and a challenge to work with such an accomplished group of people. They are CORNERSTONE and we look forward to adding to that team in 2015.